The individuality of each carries a variety that has not yet been fully revealed, the inner world of man has such depth that the mind, even fully developed, is unknowable.And thats why there was a tendency to standardize, simplify, introduce understandable restrictions to everyone and fit into them the consciousness of the masses. The diversity of Unity began to turn into identity and different standards, turned into something that should be imitated or condemned.But, if people rely on honesty (preserving their honor or purity), then they bring themselves closer to that inner truth, departing from a false illusion, and then many-sided truths will find common sides of contact.Human values ​​grow from the whole piggy bank of all human experience, inscribed in everyone in the depths of the subconscious. And from this, surfacing the surface of truth, it is impossible forever to shy away.Evolution is accomplished, thanks to these inner shocks of the awakening of the multi-layered depths of human consciousness. Where the Light comes - there comes an enlightened awareness, - awareness of oneself, in the ocean of being ...And then magnetism and gravity will unite different views so that they will cease to be contradictory, they will become co-aligned.Multifaceted comprehends versatility, moving away from the same stereotypes, and people will discover the truth that differences are not obliged to conflict and contradict. Differences create a huge palette of diversity, giving reality more colors, more opportunities ...


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