Practice your English and Learn Photography classes are starting this Thursday in Suances.These photographic classes that will only be taught in English. This is a great opportunity to listen and talk with a native English speaker while having fun learning and improving your Photography skills.Watch the video on this page, if you can understand and follow what I am saying, then sign up, it will be a lot easier in person.I am trialling Tuesday and Thursday Photographic lessons in English for next couple of Months at Suances Beach Training Center. This is a private school that is secure and quiet. Classes will be for two hours from 18:00 to 20:00 and will consist of 10-minute introduction | 10- Minutes Review of homework | 30-Minutes for the first topic | 5-minute break | 30-Minutes of the second topic | 5-minute break | 30-Minutes for questions and answers | 10-Minutes homework assignment


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