Union Minister for Food Processing Harsimrat Badal said her service has welcomed recommendations from potential speculators by September 15 to set up six super sustenance parks. Need under this venture will be agreed to states that dont have such offices, she said. The focal government is expecting to set up 42 uber sustenance parks with a group based approach in a staged way to anticipate wastage and harm of perishable things. Some of these have as of now come up. The principle goal of this plan is to give current foundation offices to nourishment handling along the esteem anchor from the ranch to the market, the pastor said. This would incorporate the formation of handling foundation close to the ranch, transportation, coordinations and brought together preparing focuses. Littler sustenance parks, which will have chilly storerooms, will likewise be set up, Harsimrat Badal said. In the previous two years, she said, her service has made foundation worth Rs 9,000 crore to handle 32 lakh huge amounts of perishable leafy foods, and lessen wastage by 10 for every penny a year. There is gigantic extension for handling of products of the soil as just 2 for every penny of perishable


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