quo;t mean to scare you.rdquo;Leah dropped her Wms On Feet Adidas Superstar Rize White Black Sneakershand from her chest with an embarrassed laugh.;No, itrsquo;s fine. I just didnrsquo;t realize anyone else was out here.rdquo;The woman nodded, her broad, amused smile transitioning into a moredemure one. Leah smiled in return, expecting the woman to be on her way, Wms On Feet Adidas Superstar Rize Canvas White Sneakersor at the very Wms On Feet Adidas Superstar Rize Canvas Pink Sneakersleast, to say something else. But she just stood there,staring at her with expectant eyes, as if Leah were the one whoinitiated contact with her.The silence wore on, slowly but surely crossing into awkward territory,and Leah cleared her throat as she began fiddling with her scarf. Thewoman tilted her head, waiting, and it suddenly occurred to her that


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