April in Holland is a special time - luscious flowers everywhere you look.Depending on when you are visiting Holland and Belgium, you will find Daffodils, Hyacinths, Crocus in the early season followed by Iris and Tulips in later April into early May. Your cruise starts out in the exciting city of Amsterdam, where there are opportunities to cruise the canals of Amsterdam, or maybe visit one of the famous art museums - such as the Rijks Museum or walk the lovely streets along the flower bedecked canals.In addition to the excursions to enticing Kuekenhof Gardens, where you will find an abundance of these flowers and charming landscaping, you visit Rotterdam, (featuring the worlds largest shipping port ),and there is the opportunity to visit the town of Volendam to tour its mills and cheese factories.Your cruise ends in the historic city of Antwerp with its beautiful architecture, the Cathedral, featuring the tallest spire in the Benelux countries, and the Rubens Museum.


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